Street Fighter X Mega Man

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Mega Man against the Street Fighter heroes. Who's going to win?

It has been several years since Mega Man ??began his struggle against countless robots, and he's finally decided to take a rest. But Ryu and the other fighters from Street Fighter want to dispute a final battle against Mega Man. This is how the story of Street Fighter X Mega Man begins.

As you may have been able to tell from its name and argument, Street Fighter X Mega Man is a fascinating and platform and fight game, where you have to control the powerful Mega Man ??while walking through various scenarios full of danger, and when at last, you'll face one of the fighters of the classic Street Fighter from Capcom.

Are you ready to take on Ryu, Chun Li, Rose, Urien or Blanka, among other characters from Street Fighter? Prove it in this fun game, full of a retro air, by controlling Mega Man.


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